​Icesticks ​are long plastic sleeves, filled with delicious liquid flavours, which you freeze and enjoy as a frozen treat. Handy, because you can also store the icesticks outside of the freezer! Therefore, you’ll usually find icesticks near the fruit lemonade and soft drinks and sometimes with the ice cream in the frozen section of the supermarket.

​When you want to enjoy the icesticks, just put them in the freezer. The time it takes to freeze icesticks is about 24 hours; the minimum time depends on the freezer and how many products you are going to freeze.

​You can also take icesticks with you en route, on a day out, to the beach or a campsite: 

  • ​In a small freezer at the campsite you can freeze the exact amount of iesticks that you need.
  • ​During a day out you can store the frozen icesticks in a cooler. And if they melt anyway? Then you have plastic sleeves filled with fruit drink that still taste delicious! No sticky cooler due to frozen icesticks! And still always a scrumptious treat at hand!