​Icesticks can be an interesting product to market as a Private Label. Dedert Icesticks is happy to offer this possibility. You decide the specifications and we will work with you to formulate the best, affordable solution for you.

For your Private Label the following is possible:

  • Product volume: 40 or 50 ml
  • ​Product qualities: flavour, colour and ingredients
  • ​Modified packaging: ​foil and bags with your name and/or logo
  • ​Boxes: according to your specifications
  • Amount: ​smaller amount for example 5,000 or 10,000 boxes. A larger amount starting at 50,000 boxes. A larger amount is the most cost efficient on account of the efficiency of the material use. If desired an order can be delivered in phases, within a period of two years

For quality delivery it is important to have timely contact. There are also short-term possibilities, but then we have less options to choose from.